What’s it called? That thingy. The one they’ve all been talking about. Thingymagigle.

Friday, 18 June 2010

After visiting the Apple Store in Leicester there is now no longer a hole in my beloved Macbook. And finally finally I got my hands on an iPad.

Now, I knew from the start that the iPad is no real revolution, it's not a must have for everyone and it (like all Apple products) is utterly overpriced. But that didn't stop me from pawing over the damn thing, giggling and doing a little dance when I first picked it up. Then the Apple mist cleared.
Oh. "It's a bit heavier than I expected."

You can't call yourself a fresher in second year.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Good lord, is it that time already?!

It seems only weeks since Christmas and not long at all since I was sat in a McDonald's in Westminster reading an email that told me I had a place at uni. And yet tomorrow's possibly the most poigant day of my year. Tomorrow is my final exam for level one. Just like that! A mountain of assignments, a handful of essays, a dvd or two, 3 metric tons of takeaway food and a third of the world's supply of alcohol and here I am. Finishing level one of my degree. Oh my. I'm a third of the way through!

So much has happened this year. I've grown up. I've had ups and downs. I've learned a few life lessons. I've hurt. But I've also had some of the best times. I've made the best of friends. I'm in a proper relationship. (which makes my face do this: ^^ and this: :3) I've also enjoyed the cheap thrill of a one-night stand (or two). And learnt that that thrill gets old quickly. I've actually learnt stuff about journalism! I can now budget myself. I can also take (average quality) notes in a lecture. My god, I can even walk up Steep Hill without dying.

So now what? I've got one exam left and then a whole summer in which to frolick and play until second year comes around. With all the learning and the reading and the note taking and the oh-so-much awesomeness. It's all quite exciting isn't it?

Now to concentrate on my first hurdle. Revision!

mmmmm... pluralism