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Friday, 27 August 2010

Why do you do this to me internet? I thought you loved me? I thought we were friends. Though actually, you always do this to me, you did this so much last year that I spent more time staring into your abyss than doing anything practical. Y'know, exercise, housework… my degree. Those things. Those things that designate me as a useful human being as apposed to one who spends her days sat in bed, laptop on lap, biting her nails and wondering why her eyes are feeling funny when she’s been staring at a screen for the past god knows how many) hours.

I genuinely blame my first year's performance on two things… the internet and what happens after a hefty night in Cubes. I suppose the internet helped me a little bit. I would have never scraped together 2000ish words for that god damn theory essay if it wasn't for Wikipedia. Though I think I’d still call that pass a miracle. And of course Cubes never helps anything. Far too many mornings after have been spent in bed. And then the afternoons after the morning afters too. God, Cubes, I miss you. You and your “ways”.

Earlier this evening I was in a wonderful mood for writing. I had a few blog ideas, maybe I’d even write a bit of fiction. The kind that sits in my hard drive and rots... but it’s still creativity non-the-less. And then it got me! Grabbed me by my nostrils and dragged me headfirst into a huge steaming pile of... well, I don’t really know what. I think I somehow spent several hours looking at apps. I played about with Firefox, adding themes, installing extensions... before I returned quickly to Chrome. I tend to forget that no matter how cute that icon is, I still don’t like using the Firefox browser. So a few hours of faffing and all I got out of it is that my windows can now “snap” to either side like on Windows 7. Oh time well spent. *snark*

After all of this ridiculousness I realised that all my inspiration had flown straight out of my window. Note to self: buy muse-catching net. Suddenly all the ideas I have merged into what I’m writing now.

“Oh I know! I’ll write a blog about my inability to write,” said I.

Good lord, I fail at life sometimes. This is meant to be what I’m good at and yet i’ve spent the last few hours lapsed in a zombie-like state looking through random webpages. FML. Or even, “Fuck my wasted evening.”

I think it’s time to get up from the snug surroundings of my duvet and pop to the shop for some fresh air. Maybe I’ll buy cake. Or a can of pop. Either way I’ll return, feel revitalised and write something... something proper.

Or maybe I’ll stay slumped here like a moron.

Or go to sleep.

Someone slap me?

A sports shop is not my natural habitat

Monday, 9 August 2010

In fact, I was expecting someone to punch me in the face for wearing a band tee. Thankfully I wasn't wearing eyeliner as to attract more attention from "The Healthies". I think my crossword, odd-laced Converses weren't doing much for blending in either.

I remember a time in my childhood (before I had access to broadband and a laptop... hmmm) where I partook in sports-related activities on a regular basis. I swam twice a week, my mother and I cycled on a regular basis, I played netball and hockey at school and rounders was a regular occurrence at Brownies and Guides in the summer. Adding into that my inline skates, my rather nifty foldable scooter and playing football with my friends in the middle of the road, running out of the way of passing cars, I was a rather active child.

*looks down at belly* Oh, what happened?

Okay, I'll give myself SOME credit. I'm not skinny but I'm not exactly a heifer either. That hasn't stopped me cycling more recently. Or stopped me contemplating sacrificing £10 a month for a gym membership.

I wish being fit and healthy wasn't so difficult. I don't want to run a marathon or lose a couple of stone... I just wanna feel like I'm healthy. It shouldn't be hard to be average. but gym membership costs, healthy food costs (both money and time!) and so does even simple things like running shoes, a bike or a sports bra to keep the ladies in.

Okay, so I'll force myself to make the effort.

But I won't like it.