Things I hate...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

  1. When people try and explain the meanings of lyrics to me. When I listen to music I generally listen because I enjoy the lyrics. Alas, my love of Fall Out Boy shows my music taste isn't exactly that of high art but the point still stands. I am a geek... I adore reading, writing and I have the somewhat rare ability to comprehend Shakespeare. Yes, of course I understand the lyrics of Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3!! It's one of my favourite songs... and frankly, has perfectly understandable lyrics. Even for the plebs among us. Stop trying to explain it to me. I get it!!
  2. Not understanding the boiler. I have a problem, okay? I'm not one for DIY, home maintenance and the like. My mother dearest is basically a walking toolbox... I've never had any need to know how to do things like that around the house. And suddenly I'm at uni! Suddenly, I'm standing opposite the boiler, scratching my noggin' with a bewildered expression on my face. And no matter how many times it's been explained to me, this is still one piece of fundamental knowledge that I can't grasp. Remind me never to live alone... I'd be a hazard.
  3. Too much pasta. Why is is so so difficult to measure out pasta. It's not as if it expands in the pan in any great way... It's just pasta. Why can I not judge it? I always end up with a gargantuan plate of pasta that well and truly defeats my eating capabilities. I'm not one to waste food but after I'm stodged myself to bursting I always regret bad judgement when I'm plastered to the sofa, stuffed with food and staring at Top Gear glumly.
  4. Improper use of apostrophes. 'nough said, I suppose. Yes, I'm a grammer Nazi. Eats, shoots and leaves would be my bible if I could be bothered to finish it. I would wear this proudly if I didn't prefer alcohol to buying random tees from the internet.

  5. Gaps in blogs. Ah, see here... this is topical. I hate that I often leave a week or more gap between blog posts and then every now and then post several within a few days. More than anything the untidiness of the archive bothers me. From now on I shall try and write at least one blog per week. On a Sunday... and of course more if the mood leans that way.
  6. Promising to keep to a schedule I set for myself. Oh the irony.

Tell me your odd little hates. :)


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