Sunday, 11 July 2010

AARGH! AB Internet, please go crawl into a hole and never surface in the civilized world again. I hope you go bust, bankrupt and I hope you get god damn herpes. And I hope the ISP you use in your office, in your home and anywhere you want to check your blasted email is as dreadful as the service you "provide".

I haven't had working internet in my flat for weeks. I pay rent which is meant to include "highspeed wireless broadband". Actually I've had to check my emails on my expensive and poor mobile internet on my phone. I'm currently grabbing the chance to catch up on a few weeks of my friends' lives, various blogs and general social media in the library. Because of you, AB Internet, you worthless piece of luh-suh, you inbred, technology illiterate, lazy, only-working-9-til-5-monday-to-friday, pathetic heap of elephant dung, I am sat in the library trying to remember that I actually live in the digital age next to a horribly creepy individual, reading fanfiction, shuffling in his chair and making odd squeaky noises. I hate you AB Internet. I hate you and your lousy service and technicians with "AB Internet" t-shirts that probably cost more that the routers you use.

Now I'm grumpy. So I'm gonna buy an ice lolly and go to my boyfriend's house. Pip pip internet. Maybe I'll see you soon.


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