Happy Social Network comes out on DVD day.

Monday, 14 February 2011

I have a strange feeling of pride at the fact that, though now in a relationship, I am still opposed to Valentine's Day. Rather than not liking it for "OHNOESINEEDAMAN" reasons I genuinely feel all of this commercial propaganda is morally obtuse. Why should I dedicate a specific day to love when I live and love every day of the year? And why are cards and flowers and presents all so very necessary to put across this message?

I mean, I like the idea in principle. I didn't through Joe's card back in his face. But he didn't need chocolates, flowers and a cheesy typed message to tell me how he felt. Why do we only have to say these things on this day?

Sometimes I think single people don't like this day more than taken people actually do. Pah, silly commercialisation.


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