Nintendo 69

Sunday, 17 January 2010

I just watched Mario do an handstand on the top of a tree. And earlier today I watched two of my besties scream at the TV because of the infuriating nature of a game called Tertrisphere. “ESCAPE YOU LITTLE FAT FUCK!”... and the like. Why a little cute ball creature would be trapped in the centre of a sphere made of Tetris blocks, I do not know. And the reason for all these happenings? I did a wonderful thing in early January... I bought myself a Nintendo 64.

Yup, that's my very own N64

It’s a beautiful little object. Distinctly retro and the necessity to blow on the cartridges to make them work brings back old memories. And the graphics themselves aren’t actually too bad, they don’t get distorted and pixelated on my HD screen like PS1 games. So the wonderful object is sitting proudly in my room next to my PS2 which looks quietly at it with none of the Nintendo’s wisdom and class. So what have we spent the last three days doing? Yes, basking in the wonder of the N64 and becoming slowly more insane in the presence of Tetrisphere. It’s a wonder how the more retro consoles derive so much more joy than the distressingly expensive PS3s, Xbox 360s and Wiis. To the extent in fact that myself an my second year flatmates have a plan for next year. And that plan involves two PS2s, PS3, a Nintendo 64, a Sega Megadrive, a Game Cube and if we can get hold of one... a Dreamcast (does anyone actually remember those?!).

Sadly my lovely little N64 will probably spell the end of my degree and yet I can’t really blame it. I could happily spend days on it and now I think my wasted time shall be wasted more productively. If that makes ANY sense. Instead of clicking refresh pathetically and staring wistfully at Facebook (*cries* *whimpers* “WHY HAS NO-ONE COMMENTED ON MY STATUS?!” *kills self*) I shall be using logic and strategy... to help a small mustached Italian man find his girlfriend. So the point I’m trying to make here is..... well, I’m not sure there is a point really. I just seem to have found a very enjoyable way to fill up half of my desk and waste days on end. Actually. That IS my point. I’ve found a delightful way to waste time/spend time with my equally geeky friends without becoming socially desperate on Facebook or acquiring any STDs. There... I knew there was a point somewhere.


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