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Thursday, 2 September 2010

The techbloggers have been out in force over yesterday's music event and to be honest I can't see any conclusive opinion on the annoucements.

But as an update to my blog yesterday here's some links that i've found interesting.
Gizmodo's hands on impressions
A breakdown of what was announced (from Gizmodo)
What Engadget had to say
Even Aunty Beeb had a (mildly difficult to find) article on her website... Alas as dumbed down as most of her tech news.

Also, since yesterday I've learnt something... interesting. Apple's done something strange. And I believe, stupid. Ping, the new musical social network integrated into iTunes 10 does not infact have Facebook connect like the screenshots from the keynote promised. Is it really wise too leave out the biggest social network in the world?

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