Woah woah woah....... I live like on my own now?!?!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Credit: Brian's Guide - Grim and Proper

Okay, so maybe not "on my own" but my Mom's not across the hall. She's across the country. Which means she can't text me from across the hall asking for me to make her a cup of coffee. Though she also can't clean my kitchen. (Which is currently covered in glitter.)

And after over a year of this situation I think I just realised that I was in it. I've lived on my own for a year! I buy my own food. I mess up tidy my own room. I control my own money. I do my own shopping. And something that I think is certainly a self-improvement: I don't spend my whole day watching tv shows and perusing the internet. (Sometimes I go outside now)

On the other hand, I'm not here celebrating a year of choosing my own bedtime, making my own food and coming home at crazy hours. I had all that before. There must be some people who didn't have the independence that I had during sixth form who were chucked out into the wild world no knowing how to rustle up a pasta bake and rejoicing at the ability to not get up until late afternoon if they so choose to. I think my tiny brain may have crumpled if I'd gone from mothered luxury to being sat baffled in front of my cupboard wondering why I couldn't make a roast dinner out of some Jaffa Cakes, a mouldy crumpet and cheap schnapps.

I wonder if any people have come out of first year still not feeding themselves on anything more complicated that beans on toast, being miles into an overdraft they've got no hope of paying off without a job and getting their Mum to do their washing. I hope these people don't exist.

Kinda makes me sad.


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