Blog your relationship?!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

One of the "assigned stories" for my News, Features and Reportage unit was entitled "Blog your relationship".

Blog your relationship?! I don’t think so. Yes, I have my own personal blog but my security’s tight. And I have a blog (here!) on an entirely different platform for my more journalistic ramblings. And on my Livejournal (my personal blog) I throughly vet anyone wanting to add my as a friend. You’ve got more chance if you live in a different country. But what about Facebook? I’m clearly in a relationship on Facebook and if something ever goes wrong in that relationship the break-up is broadcast to the world.

Has the “Facebook Status” become a milestone in the blossoming relationships of young people today? Where does dating fit in with being “in a relationship”? Should we even be telling the online community about our love lives? Or are we breaching our own privacy by moving our inner thoughts from locked diaries kept snug underneath our mattresses to their very own domain name?

Would you want a stranger reading your diary entries? How about your friends, your ex or even your boss? It’s not just your privacy that you’re toying with online when you blog about your life.


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