The Octonauts: Explore, Rescue, Protect.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

I'm sleepy, in need of a nap, but my body disagrees. In this state of mind there's only one thing to do... watch children's television. TV shows bore me, I don't care about the news and finding something to listen to involves far to much effort.

And so I found myself watching a delightful show called The Octonauts.

The show follows Captain Barnacles (according to the website, a "polarbear extrordinaire"), Lieutenant Kwazii (a kitten with an inexplicable eyepatch... he still has both eyes!) and Peso the penguin (who's apparently a nurse) along with the rest of the crew of the Octopod.

To be quite honest I was genuinely surprised about how much the pretty colours, and cute animation pleased me. I genuinely laughed out loud when Dr Shelllington (a seaotter) had his foot trodden on by Peso. Though that may have been out of fatigue because the adult inside of me was well and truly awake enough to be concerned by why an Octopus had ears.

My sleepiness had subsided by the time a narwhal appeared (Russian, of course) and I was suddenly bombarded with facts about narwhals. Damn children's television; I was enjoying the story about the Octopod freezing in the Arctic waters when it wasn't moving quickly enough and having to be saved like a passing narwhal. Why did it have to ruin itself by teaching me about narwhals?!

I know all I need to know about narwhals from this song, thank you very much, Aunty Beeb!


Anonymous said...

the octopus has ears because it's a Dumbo Octopus :) (it's an actual species)

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