"I could pull better copy out of my arsehole."

Monday, 13 December 2010

Since doing my online assignment I've become used to scrutinizing people's work. This also goes for times when I've proofread a friend's work. My own work as well, though i'm not the best at editing my own writing unless I leave it a few days and forget about it.

Though I haven't been one of the main editors for our group project, I've been dragged across to look at a paragraph from time to time and I'm rather getting into this editorial lark. It's clear when and article is unedited, there's a typo or two, maybe a spelling mistake, a couple of sentences that don't quite work. This is why we have editors. If you want your publication or website to look professional you need good editors. You can't just shove the article online and hope no-one will notice. Especially if the article is so dreadfully written that no amount of editing could have saved it.

Hmm. I suppose it just enrages me. I take pride in my writing but I don't expect it to be perfect every time. That's why I edit, edit, edit.


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