I'm somewhat discontent.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

According to this handy widget I know that it's -6 outside. That's -6 in early December... and the UK. I'm sure I don't remember weather this cold before. When I woke up this morning my friendly widget pal was telling me it was -11 outside. If only I have a thermometer in order to continue my new found temperature obsession away from my computer.


I never moaned about the snow because I loved it. Every little bit of it. The cold, however. I will moan about. When it is too cold to snow, and therefore, play and go for pleasant walks in the snow then I do not approve. In the atrium at uni earlier I could see my breath in front of my face. This, my friends, was just not cricket.

But onto the main point I wanted to make. Though it is horrible and icy outside the roads are now clear. All the ice is confined to side streets and paths. Basically a big "fuck you!" to pedestrians. So why the hell haven't our bins been collected yet?

The bins in the courtyard of my accommodation (Brayford Court)
It's nearly two weeks since the bins were last collected and I just wish the council would be a bit better at sorting out the backlog. Carholme road is absolutely clear of snow and ice on the road so I see no reason why they haven't sorted this out. It's bad enough that the courtyard is horribly icy but it's really not to pleasant having a growing bin bag mountain.

Hmmm... I sound like a bit of an old lady moaning about this. But I want the nice snowiness back, not un-emptied bins and DEATH ICE.

Now excuse me whilst I retreat back underneath my duvet.


Anonymous said...

It's never too cold to snow!

Suzy Maggie Aldridge said...

@jimpollitt It seems to be! We get snowiness then it gets colder and stops snowing. :(

Kirstyjay said...

That's atrocious! 2 weeks worth of bins?! Even ours have been collected and we're in the middle of the country.

Suzy Maggie Aldridge said...

it's really getting on my nerves now, just fingers crossed that they pick them up this week

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