A little more newsworthy?

Friday, 19 February 2010

In a bid to write an actually newsworthy blog I ventured to the BBC news website and had a little wander around. I found the headlining story (The Iraq Inquiry), lusted over some technoblather about the iPad, was sickened by a feature on Celebrity Big Brother but eventually I found this...

Since when were the love lives of swans newsworthy? I myself have doubts about the love lives of so-called celebrities being news (doubts in the form of "I don't give a flying f...duck!"). But swans?! Does it have an environmental factor? No... baby swans are fine. Are these particularly interesting swans? Nope, they're just swans. Is this happening anywhere interesting? Woop di doo... it's Gloucestershire. It's a fine example of those "and finally" pieces. The like of kittens up trees. I suppose most of them are a nice little moment where after the recession, various wars and natural disasters we can sigh and say "ah, the world isn't such a horrible place after all." But swan divorce?! This isn't a happy story... it's just generally pointless.

"Oh great... even the swans are getting divorced... now, where's the noose?"


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