I smell roasting!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

The chicken's in, so are the roasties, the balls are prepared and the sprouts are peeled and ready. Yes, me and my beloved Aunt are cooking our first ever roast dinner! So, I may have been living alone for a good six months... And my Aunt for a good er... 15ish years but this is a first for us. And we are proud of ourselves. Well, so far... We're only half way through and our balls are looking pretty malformed.

I can already smell the chicken even though it's only been in for 20 minutes and it reminds me of the time when roast dinners were a regular thing in my life. Now, I only get a roast dinner if my Nan and Granddad are feeling generous. *dreams about my Granddad's amazing cooking skills*

Every Sunday we'd go to my Nan and Granddad's. That's me, my Mom and my Aunt. We'd squish around the table in the tiny dining room and I'd sit on the odd little stool that's covered in paint. I'd sit at the bottom on the table, opposite my Nan, with my Granddad to my right and my Mom and Aunt to my left, squished on one side of the table as if they were kids again. After the meal my Nan would go into the living room and watch tv then me, my Mom, my Aunt and my Granddad would chat, still sat around the table for hours until a voice from the living room yell and get my Granddad to do the washing up. To be fair my Granddad is a one-man washing up machine. He seems to use about three pans for everything.

Hmmmmm... The chicken isn't smelling chickeny enough! *panicks* Why isn't it cooking!? By my Aunt's logic this "test run" should mean that when I attempt to do one in Lincoln it'll be a success. Oh I do hope so. I'd like to have some skill in the kitchen, more so than the ability to cook pasta and use a George Foreman grill.

Righty, it's 2:35pm... Crunch time! Wish us luck.

My Aunt doesn't like hot ovens. Because they're hot.

Success! Nearly an hour later, myself and my Aunt are stuffed full of yummy yummy food and collapsed on the sofa.  We're also watching the sheer hilarity that is the dreadful acting, writing and directing of Poriot. But that's not really releven isn't it? No... No it's not. I think I'm drunk on yumminess. Plus, as we were just discussing, we made it, we cooked the meat, we prepared the vegetables, and frankly we're very proud.

I learn from my mistakes:
  1. Writing down a schedule was very useful.
  2. Smaller roast potatoes take like half the time.
  3. Carving is hard.
  4. Make sure you have all the relevant utensils etc.
  5. Cheap instant gravy is baaaaad.
  6. Fancy plates make food look better than boring plates.
  7. Don't panic!
  8. Sneakily stealing little bits of cold chicken off the bone is mandatory.
  9. Ovens are hot.
  10. You may experiance fullness and a feeling of wellbeing afterwards.

I just wanna rub my face in this plate. NOM!


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