The first snow of winter and Lincolnshire Christmas Food and Drink Fair

Saturday, 27 November 2010

There is little in the world I love more than waking up to snow. It's one of few things that can happen that is so simple but makes me so happy. When I awoke this morning and saw this very out of my bedroom window, I instantly turned into a small child and squealed.

Not even snow can turn the Tanvic car park into a good view.
So, wellies on, woolly hat on and pompoms at the ready myself, the boyfriend, the flatmate, her boyfriend, the father and the sister headed up to the Lincolnshire Christmas Food and Drink Fair at the Showground.

The fair had a wide range of stalls with products varying from cheese, to sausages, to cider to little decorated egg cups. One of the meat stalls alone had 5 kinds of sausages, 3 kinds of bacon plus Haslet, a  kind of Lincolnshire meatloaf (which is delicious!). There was also several stalls with different ciders all off which we had to sample several times. Also, an adorable (and dastardly) girl sold me some cheese. Stupid cute children selling yummy blue cheese.

We had a right good afternoon and now i'm in a rather Christmassy mood, even though it's November. November is not Christmas, my friends. Do not listen to Christmas music. Do not put lights up. Do not decorate your house. It is not even advent yet!

So that was just a quick post. Well done Lincolnshire for your fantastic fairs... can't wait until next weekend for the Christmas Market.


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