"So where did you hear about this place?" "Er... a hedge."

Thursday, 18 November 2010

That is not advertising, young sir. That is blatant, deliberate littering. I may sound like an old woman on this topic but this is a step too far.

I watched as this guy placed a load of leaflets for Goshi (a club night at Sakura) on the walls outside my student accommodation. Are you actually kidding me? Do you think I didn't notice the multiple identical leaflets that I receive every week in my postbox? We know the club night exists. Stop this stupid. Pointless advertising? Do they really think people are going to pick up a leaflet from in a hedge?! Not only is this pointless but it bloody lazy. I really doubt that Sakura are paying this guy to leave leaflets on miscellaneous walls.

Just after they were put there

Some time later... hedgification
I just find this such a waste of time and paper. These leaflets aren't going to persuade anyone to go to Sakura. Even if someone did see them they'd think they'd been discarded.

I think the dirty look I gave was justified.


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