Jumping around and sweating a lot...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Yup, that just about sums up Kinect. Though I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing. Within the first few minutes of using Kinect I was taken back to the  wonderment I experienced when I first plugged in my PlayStation EyeToy or when I first played with the Wii. Although without the painfully disappointing graphics.

I can't review the Kinect in any huge depth, I can't have played on it for more than an hour, not including watching my friends Jerry (the Kinect owner), James and the boyfriend, Joe on it. It's good, in fact, the hardware is amazing. It's incredibly responsive and even though you need a MAHOOSIVE room to use it in (we just about had enough space in Jerry's studio) I'm still impressed. However there's one big problem, and The Three Js agree. The software has potential but the games? Aren't that much better than we get on the Wii. They're arcade games, games you play with your family and friends. There's no games with any story, no adventures or campaigns. And anyway, how are you meant to shoot a gun or run around? Driving is strange and awkward even with the skilled hardware. There's no tangible controls so the range of ways to interact with the game is limited even if there is a dozen different ways to step to the side.

Gimme a game wear I can go on an adventure and cast spells with my hands, and fight people as if they were in front of me and then maybe we could talk. Bring the price out of the clouds and I'm getting more persuaded. But for the "next big thing" it's really just the same kind of device as the EyeToy and the Wii... but it works.

It's fun... but for £130 I want more than just arcade games.

On a side note...

It's not one for proper games, once more casual gamers (and their Mums) are the focus of the manufacturers. Wanna see a hard core gamer? This is what happens when a hardcore gamer uses Kinect.


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