Excuse me whilst I push my teeny tiny trolley around this here teeny tiny supermarket.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Scrambling up onto a chair to reach the top of a wardrobe after a few glasses of wine probably wasn't my best idea. However what I discovered was well worth it.

On a sidenote... I'm glad my hair didn't suffer the 80s.
This toy took me through many an afternoon at my Nan and Granddad's. And it wasn't even my toy. My Aunt was originally bought this when she was about 8 at Christmas. Though I've learnt via anecdote that when first putting the little stickers on the supermarket items my Mom and Uncle apparently took over, eliciting 8-year-old Aunty Sarah to say "Who's toy is this?!"

The toy seems to have been made with so much care, each little can or piece of fruit is perfect. I think my favourite is the teeny tiny potatoes. Size-wise nothing really matches up unless you live in a world where washing powder comes in the same size box as fruit gums. Mmmm... giant fruit gums.

Tiny fruit! Loaf the size of a grapefruit, anyone?
Tasty tasty plastic meat.
Organising this little supermarket was a delightful activity for my Sunday afternoon even though I'm meant to be an adult. Less than a week before I turn 20 and I find myself playing with a much loved (yet distinctly childish) toy.

Not that my Aunt protested against playing with the supermarket either...


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