Mmmm... Luke warm water, so refreshing!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Is a hot shower actually too much to ask for? Since coming back after Christmas instead of the hot water from the hot tap and the cold water from the cold tap coming out and making a happy union I seem to either get a cold or luke warm shower. Out of nowhere the hot water will disappear entirely for no reason what so ever. I want to step out onto the (spongey and rotten) bathroom floor feeling refreshed, not grumpy.

On top of all this our (sexy sexy 0.4 meg) internet disappears for several hours now and then. It's bad enough that it's barely usable at the best of times but Lighthouse have the cheek to claim "high speed wireless broadband" on the FRONT OF THE GODDAMN BUILDING. We would literally be better with dial-up.

So I'm officially adding "I want a working shower!!" to our long list of complaints including the extractor fans have never worked, the bathroom floor is rotting, the radiators don't work, the windows don't close properly and there's no light in the oven so I can't see my noms.

Basically, fuck you, Lighthouse, fuck you.


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