Richard Castle is a Browncoat... and so am I.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Ah, wonderful Nathan Fillion, so charming and dashing that you'd think he was British.

Generally someone becomes on of my favourite actors or actresses when they're in more than one of my favourite shows or films. Nathan Fillion managed this spectacularly. With Firefly and my most recently discovered addiction, ABC's Castle. Firefly is without doubt my favourite ever television show. About the crew of a Firefly class spaceship, set 500 years in the future. Now I love my sci-fi and with Firefly's added swashbuckling, Western vibe it's just a complete winner. How it got cancelled by bastard Fox when it had gained such a loyal and huge fanbase (Browncoats forever) after only 14 episodes is just beyond me. It could have been a cult classic. And to be fair, it still kinda has been.

And my favourite bit of it? The characters. Notably Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Dashing, charming, mysteriously and god-damn swashbuckling. *sigh* And he looks good with a gun. Fillion's performance is brilliant. He manages to create a brilliant and believable hero who remains mostly a mystery through the entire series.

And also this...

Then there's Richard Castle. Cocky, metrosexual, grammar-nazi and adorable father. I discovered the show not long ago and I adore it. I love US crime dramas as it is, they're my guilty pleasure. Castle is a little different though. Ric Castle is a best-selling author who, thanks to his connections, is shadowing (gorgeous) NYPD detective, Kate Beckett.

I just love this show. It's so genuinely entertaining. It's cute, funny, has brilliant storylines and has just the right amount of clich├ęd goodness. And brilliantly every now and then a little Firefly reference slips in. I say little.... one episode Fillion bounded onto screen in a full Mal Reynolds costume claiming to be a space cowboy. I love this show.
Castle as Mal

I suppose I'll stop blathering on about my love for Nathan Fillion now and I intend to continue my Firefly marathon.


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