Not enough swashbuckling for my liking...

Saturday, 15 January 2011

According to National Geographic this mess of metal was once a sword guard, possibly under the ownership of the infamous Blackbeard. Yaargh argh argh and all that jazz.

Oooooh... archeological.

Ship wreaks, now they're exciting. Probably not for the archeologist who's cleaning artifacts like this one with a toothbrush. But for though of us who like to swish invisible swords, watch our coats billow and long for a trained (and therefore not inclined to poop on you) parrot on our shoulders all the pirates we have are either fictional or uncool somali pirates who, with their violence and kidnapping, aren't really partaking in the swashbuckling traditional. How unfun of them!

The closest we get to a swashbuckling lovable rogue is David Guetta when he starting hoisting girls over his shoulder in that Black Eyed Peas video.

Dancefloor sea shanty, anyone?
This (decidedly obtuse) thought reminded me of my excitement for Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Even though the franchise slightly fizzled out during the later two films (one might say it "did a Matrix") I still remember throughly enjoying Johnny Depp corsets the swashbuckling goodness. Sword fights, hats, big dresses, ships, the occasional beach and/or semi-naked man, all in one film? Oh yes please.

It seems quite a while since I was last enjoying a good ol' pirate romp and I rather can't wait for it this time. Yes, I love my quality films but big budget, cheesy adventures are always just too much fun to miss out on.


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