Illness, listlessness and generally melancholic boredom.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I hate being ill.

I had this 24 hour thing, which has thankfully buggered off. However now I still have an excruciating sore throat. Y'know the kind were it hurts to breath? And now I'm just utterly utterly fed up of it all. I'm running out of anything to entertain myself with. In my fatigued state I'm not exactly in a writing mood, nor to I have the will power to lift up a book let alone focus on the words. I'm unwilling to play on my PSP because I don't have my charger with me so no games for ill Suzal. And because the TV here doesn't have Dave I'm left with watching miscellaneous stuff online, mostly Bones*.

I'm just so listless right now. Add my sore throat, tiredness, and lack of human company and all I've been doing all day is staring at my computer screen and waiting for Mom to return from work so that I can enjoy listening to anecdotes from the Co-op then eventually faceplant my bed until tomorrow. Tomorrow, at least, I can escape the house. I'm off shopping with the Mother and to Burger King (omnomnom) for lunch which shall really cheer me.

Until then, however, moping around the house and being unproductive is all I shall do. I'll just stare at this here screen until my eyes turn square.

*I also watched an episode of Silent Witness... on the inferiority. The US make a lot of rubbish but crime dramas are something they do well. (Let's not talk about CSI.)


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