Jeff Bridges broke my laptop.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

I have decided that Tron Legacy has just concluded inside my Macbook. The hard drive hasn't broken, no. There were light cycles, bad guys and Olivia Wilde. The hard drive certainly did not break. Either way I kinda need to buy a new one and considering my current funds will just about allow me to eat this week I guess I have no computer until I get my loan.

So I do not have a laptop, just a very expensive paperweight which has the sole function of bonging when you attempt to turn it on. Oh, and there's a picture of an apple on it. And a sticker.

*le sigh* If I knew what I know now about computers (which still isn't a incredibly large amount) I don't think I would have bought this heavy white box. It's not a bad computer, it happily runs Quark, Photoshop and Chrome all at the same time and would gladly make you a cup of tea as well (if it could*). However the case cracks every couple of months, when the battery inevitably dies it'll cost £99 to replace and at the moment it's a very expensive "thing that goes 'bong' when you press a button.

Though saying that, it's never had a virus, the incompetent Vista was the competition when I bought it and both the
machine itself and OSX are beautiful.

Oh do the pros and cons and the Windows/Mac arguments never end?

I used to be a Mac fangirl, now I'm a confused lover of my mac and admirer-from-afar of Windows 7 and my only computing power is now a netbook using Windows XP. Oh dear.


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